Base in white painted metal. Diffuser in matt acrylic. Rubber bands in different colors.
Possible to mix two colors on request.

LED info

System power: 17W. Luminaire Luminous Flux: 1260LM, 1323LM.
CCT 3000K. SDCM 3. CRI 80. Available with 4000K on request.




Terminal block 3x4mm2, when HFF terminal block 5x4mm2.


Mia Cullin 2012

Product specification "It’s evident that Mia Cullin was inspired by basket-weaving and embroidery for Cord. The thread forms a web on the underside of the fitting and cross-stitching on the side. This gives a feeling of arts and crafts which contrasts deeply with the rational industrial construction of the shade. This attitude of rich contrast adds to giving Cord life and personality."
LED 1260LM/17W 413 White 8215-1-01
LED 1260LM/17W 413 White 8215-1-01HFF
LED/1323LM/17W 600 White 8215-3-01
LED/1323LM/17W 600 White 8215-3-01HFF
LED 1260LM/17W 413 Black 8215-1-06
LED 1260LM/17W 413 Black 8215-1-06HFF
LED/1323LM/17W 600 Black 8215-3-06
LED/1323LM/17W 600 Black 8215-3-06HFF
LED 1260LM/17W 413 Green 8215-1-12
LED 1260LM/17W 413 Green 8215-1-12HFF
LED/1323LM/17W 600 Green 8215-3-12
LED/1323LM/17W 600 Green 8215-3-12HFF
LED 1260LM/17W 413 Yellow 8215-1-14
LED 1260LM/17W 413 Yellow 8215-1-14HFF
LED/1323LM/17W 600 Yellow 8215-3-14
LED/1323LM/17W 600 Yellow 8215-3-14HFF
LED 1260LM/17W 413 Orange 8215-1-41
LED 1260LM/17W 413 Orange 8215-1-41HFF
LED/1323LM/17W 600 Orange 8215-3-41
LED/1323LM/17W 600 White 8215-3-41HFF
HFF = Dimmbar - DALI, DSI, SwitchDim.