Painted metal. Shade in pressed fabric Gabriel/Atlantic grey 60141
alt. blå 66057. Other colours on request. Diffuser in matt acrylic. Up- & downlight.

LED info

System power 33W or 39W. Luminaire Luminous Flux 2860 or 4010 lumen.
CCT 3000K. SDCM 3. CRI >80. Available with 4000K on request.


Pendant, 2 m wire and cable.


Terminal block 5x4mm2.


Cate & Nelson 2015.

Product specification  Light and sound are two equally important factors in creating an environment. So why not combine them thought Cate & Nelson, and thus created Stampa: a sound-absorbing fixture in a friendly, welcoming form. Flexible and adaptable in its elemental structure of laminated textile, Stampa easily changes in size, number of levels, colour and shape.
LED 2860LM/33W 438 Blue 8323-1-08
LED 2860LM/33W 438 Blue 8323-1-08HFF
LED 2860LM/33W 438 Grey 8323-1-11
LED 2860LM/33W 438 Grey 8323-1-11HFF
LED 4010LM/39W 613 Blue 8323-3-08
LED 4010LM/39W 613 Blue 8323-3-08HFF
LED 4010LM/39W 613 Grey 8323-3-11
LED 4010LM/39W 613 Grey 8323-3-11HFF
LED 4010LM/39W 788 Blue 8323-5-08
LED 4010LM/39W 788 Blue 8323-5-08HFF
LED 4010LM/39W 788 Grey 8323-5-11
LED 4010LM/39W 788 Grey 8323-5-11HFF
HFF = Dimmable DALI, SwitchDim, DSI.