Painted metal (Red Ral 3020) and matt opal acrylic. For T5 circular
tube. Tools are required to adjust the angle. State requested angle when
ordering. Available in angle, 30°, 60° and 90°. Other colours on request.


On ceiling or on wall. Wall/ceiling washer for installation on porous material available as assessory.


Terminal block 5x4mm2.


Mattias Ståhlbom 2010.

Product specification  The construction and the appearance of the lamp are inspired by the same principle as an embroidery frame. When attached to the wall or ceiling it is possible to adjust the frame to different angles to direct the light and gain the most effect from the light source and the lamp.
22W/2Gx13 300 White 8070-1-01
22W/2Gx13 300 White 8070-1-01HFF
22W/2Gx13 300 Black 8070-1-06
22W/2Gx13 300 Black 8070-1-06HFF
22W/2Gx13 300 Red 8070-1-07
22W/2Gx13 300 Red 8070-1-07HFF
40W/2Gx13 400 White 8070-3-01
40W/2Gx13 400 White 8070-3-01HFF
40W/2Gx13 400 Black 8070-3-06
40W/2Gx13 400 Black 8070-3-06HFF
40W/2Gx13 400 Red 8070-3-07
40W/2Gx13 400 Red 8070-3-07HFF
HFF = Dimmable with DALI, DSI, SwitchDim.
Wall/ceiling washer White 98070-1-01
Wall/ceiling washer Black 98070-1-06
Wall/ceiling washer Red 98070-1-07
Distance piece for external mains cable White 98071-1-01
Distance piece for external mains cable Black 98071-1-06
Distance piece for external mains cable Red 98071-1-07