White painted metal. Wood knobs in natural
ash or stained yellow or white as standard, other stains on request. Diffuser
of microprisma. Other colours on request.

LED info

System power: 19W, 26W, 33W or 40W.
Luminaire Luminous Flux: 1552, 2081, 2516 or 3220LM.
CCT 3000K. SDCM 3. CRI 80.


Pendant, 2 m wire.


Plug or terminal block 5x4mm2.


Note Design Studio 2011.

Productspecification "Toulouse, 1859: a young daredevil swings through the air on a wooden bar fastened to two ropes above his father’s swimming pool. That year, the curious hobby was first shown at the Cirque Napoleon in Paris, and the success was clear: the art of the trapeze was born. Some 160 years later, Note Design Studios’ Trapets was born, with a shape born from the classic circus device. Here, the fitting’s shade rests lithely over the trapeze, spreading a pleasant light over the work station."
W L/MM Finish ART.
Down light
T5/25/28W 1400 White 8200-1-01
T5/25/50W 1400 White 8200-1-01HFF
T5/32/35W 1700 White 8200-3-01
T5/32/45W 1700 White 8200-3-01HFF
LED 1552LM/19W 1400 White 8202-1-01
LED 1552LM/19W 1400 White 8202-1-01HFF
LED 2516LM/33W 1400 White 8203-1-01
LED 2516LM/33W 1400 White 8203-1-01HFF
LED 2081LM/26W 1700 White 8202-3-01
LED 2081LM/26W 1700 White 8202-3-01HFF
LED 3220LM/40W 1700 White 8203-3-01
LED 3220LM/40W 1700 White 8203-3-01HFF
Up and downlight
T5/25/28W 1400 White 8201-1-01
T5/25/50W 1400 White 8201-1-01HFF
T5/32/35W 1700 White 8201-3-01
T5/32/45W 1700 White 8201-3-01HFF
LED 2516/33W 1400 White 8204-1-01
LED 2516/33W 1700 White 8204-1-01HFF
LED 3220/40W 1700 White 8204-3-01
LED 3220/40W 1700 White 8204-3-01HFF
HFF = Dimmable with DALI, DSI, SwitchDim.
Wood knob, end White 98200-1-01
Wood knob, end Yellow 98200-1-14
Wood knob, end Ash 98200-1-37
Wood knob, end Grey 98200-1-86
Pull to dim switch 98202-1-01