Jens Fager

Jens philosophy - Everything is and will be different. The core that permeates every single project, is treating them all in a honestly way and highlight their main function. The second part is that we always add a sense of humour, poetry or surrealism. The conclusion of it all ends up in a natural product, both for the producer and the consumer. 

Our field of works stretches from smaller architecture, interiors for restaurants stores, offices and also product design. Everything is about everyday life and our essential needs for daily experiences.

Convex small pendant 
Convex large pendant
Convex ceiling
Convex 3-phase ceiling
Convex wall
Convex spotlight wall 
Convex wall outdoor
Convex pole outdoor
Convex bollard outdoor
Convex wall coastline
Convex pole coastline 
Lens small pendant
Lens large pendant 
Pistill pendant 
Pistill ceiling
Pistill wall 
Pistill bathroom
Pistill outdoor
White pendant